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Betalbatim Holidays

Betalbatim holidays are one of a kind when it comes to finding a quiet, completely relieving Goan beach holidays. Everything one gets to see and feel in Betalbatim holidays are next to none in bringing That Special Relief from stressful city life. Beautiful beaches and unforgettable riverside boat trips make Betalbatim holidays a must for everyone.

Located in the middle of the busy Majorda and Colva beaches, Betalbatim beaches are Goa’s answer to peaceful seaside retreat. White sandy beaches with warm water throughout the year make Betalbatim holidays ideal for ones who love beach lounging. Above all, Betalbatim holidays are not at all commercialised as the neighbouring beaches, which makes these holidays even more perfect for relaxing. Located in the heart of lush palm tree communes, Betalbatim holidays are next to none in Goa. Walk around, lie for hours in the sun or snorkel in warm waters; the experience of Betalbatim holidays is so relieving that you wouldn’t mind extending your holidays.

Delicious food served in local beach restaurants makes you more tempted by each meal. Betalbatim holidays also have fine bars serving some really exotic drinks and cocktails. Lazy holidaymakers looking for absolute calmness at a Goan beach must try Betalbatim holidays as the vast stretches of soft, bright sands, smiling sunshine and palm tree greenery form an ultimate combination of a dreamlike Goan experience. Betalbatim holidays leave no one dissatisfied. The beaches are so wonderful that leaving your watch at your resort will be completely rewarding. Reach the blissfully romantic beach once, and Betalbatim holidays take care of the rest.

If you’re aiming for Colva or Majorda holidays, Zip Holidays recommends ending your holiday by switching to Betalbatim holidays for a few days. The beautiful Goan beach feel is incomplete without the rejuvenating experience of Betalbatim holidays.

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