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Bermuda Holidays

Bermuda holidays are ideal for vacationers seeking excitement and action. Lying just off the American coast amid the blue Atlantic waters, Bermuda’s beautiful setting lures thousands from across the world. Close to the tourist-favourite Caribbean isles, Bermuda beach holidays offer plenty of activities and enjoyment. The tranquil surrounding and the romantic ambience are perfect for honeymoon holidays in Bermuda. The colonial heritage, sunny tropical weather, plenty of old charm, diverse culture and the laid-back way of life are part and parcel of package holidays in Bermuda.

Gorgeous pink-sand beaches, exciting historical sites, beautiful golf courses and excellent diving conditions are inherent in Bermuda holiday package. The old-world charm and tranquil surrounding lure many from Europe and the Americas to spend family holidays in Bermuda. The island is also home to some of the finest beaches, like Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay, with extraordinary water-sports facilities. The private beaches of several resorts and hotels offer a more tranquil relaxation. The sunny tropical climate coupled with growing number of resorts makes Bermuda beach holidays a unique experience. The cultural sagacity and large number of historic sites provide ample scope for enjoyment during Bermuda holidays. The western part of Bermuda attracts many nature lovers. The verdant countryside, wildlife reserves, lush-green woods and appealing waterways add to the charm of Bermuda holidays. The numerous hidden coves, idyllic bays and the romantic atmosphere lure many newlyweds to spend their honeymoon holidays in Bermuda. The coral reefs off the island’s coast offer excellent scope for scuba-diving and snorkelling. The availability of many cruises and the speed boats add to the romance in Bermuda holidays. Numerous nature walks, like the Bermuda Railway Trail and Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, add a different facet to Bermuda holidays exclusively known for the sun, sand and surf. Bermuda holidays are full of options for everyone regardless of the type of vacation tourists seek.

Bermuda Holiday Etiquette

Tourists coming to spend holidays in Bermuda should refrain from bringing narcotics, weapons, marine animals, snakes or plants, as this is punishable offence. Restaurants charge 15 percent over the bill and this is distributed among the staff as tips. If this is tagged with your bill, there is no need to pay extra tips. Most people in Bermuda are tourist friendly. Wishing anyone you meet  is considered a good manner and instantly appreciated.

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