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Benimaurell Holidays

Benimaurell is a peaceful little hilltop village near Costa Blanca in Spain. It attracts tourists who are looking for peace and tranquility and gives them a taste of the rural Spain. The tourists at Benimaurell enjoy the beauty of the hills and farms. Since Costa Blanco is very near to this city, it gives travelers a chance to enjoy the beauty of the beach and hill together. The green farmland, the costal view and the picturesque beauty of Benimaurell is what makes the village popular with the tourists.

Benimaurell vacations are perfect for tourists who wish to escape from the busy city life and spend some time close to the nature. The birds chirping in the mountains, the greenery around the village and the peaceful environment makes it one of the favorable destinations. The beaches are near the villages and therefore allow the tourist to enjoy a beach vacation as well. There is a golf course near Benimaurell which may appeal to the golf lovers. Benimaurell is a popular destination with tourists who like to get a taste of rural life. Couples, family and other tourists often plan their vacation to Benimaurell as it offers the best of both worlds to them.

When staying at Benimaurell, the Spanish village in Spain, a tip of 5% or 10 % is considered as polite. Politeness and general etiquettes are considered important in the Spanish culture and gets their respect. Use of rude words or shouting at restaurants should be avoided.

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