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Bellapais Holidays

Bellapais is a traditional village town set in the hills just above the Kyrenia harbor. Bellapais is unspoiled and hushed, and boasts stunning scenic beauty, including spectacular views of the Mediterranean coast. Ever since Lawrence Durrells’ 1950’s book ‘Bitter Lemons’, the village has attracted several thousand visitors each year. Bellapais is for anyone who wishes to experience a traditional village lifestyle.

Bellpais holiday attractions include the ruins of a 12th century Abbey, considered the most important Gothic structure in the Near East, and also one of the most beautiful. The Abbey is nestled in the hills, just 10 minutes north-east of Kyrenia harbor. The Abbey was built during the Lusignan period and consists of a church, dormitory, refectory, and cluster of storage rooms around an inner courtyard. Every year in May, the Abbey plays host to Bellapais’ summer classical musical festival. The other notable attraction in Bellapais is the ‘Tree of Idleness’. The Tree of Idleness is an ancient mulberry tree, made famous through traditional folklore as one turning anyone seated beneath it, lazy and unwilling to work.

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