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Belek Holidays

A small town in the Antalya Province in Turkey, Belek is a sought-after Mediterranean holiday destination. The tree lined boulevards; great archaeological sites and natural beauty make Belek holidays ideal for unwinding yourself in a different way.

Located about 30 km from the Antalya Province, Belek is a curious little place where one can hope to have wonderful Mediterranean holidays. Belek holidays cater to the interests of a wide range of tourists. The natural beauty of the mountains and the sea, the sun-kissed beaches, the rich history vie with world-class hotels, golf courses and nightclubs making Belek a dream holiday destination for many. A few points that need to be kept in mind by someone on Belek holidays:

·         The nightclubs in Belek are usually very crowded. So be prepared to have patience in the queues.

·         For renting a car in Turkey, you need to be above 21 years of age and in possession of a valid license.

·         It is a good idea to shop in the morning, for salesmen in Turkey have more time at hand.

·         As per statistics, Turkey has less crime rate than most European countries and the USA.

·         In most part of Turkey sole women travellers are safe if they use basic precautions in self-defence. However, it is advised that for travelling to the eastern parts of Turkey which are more rural, women travel in groups.

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