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Becici Holidays

Becici is a tourist destination in Montenegro. Just behind the renowned Becici Beach, is the tourist complex of Becici. The touwn is located right next to the historic town of Budva on the Adriatic Coast. Becici is known for being a laid back tourist destination and the beautiful sandy beaches make it an ideal vacationing spot for families. The beach is the central attraction of Becici. It is here that everyone comes not only to bathe but also relax. At the beach, there are also various sporting facilities. The beach has also won an award for being the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Becici activities are centered around tourists and it is a completely modern city which is complemented perfectly by the walled town of Budva within which the town of Becici actually lies. The Becici beach has more than a mile long promenade or palm and olive trees. There are a selection of cafes, shops and restaurants to relax and indulge at.

The small town of Becici was founded in 9th century and has been rebuilt many times since. The main town of Budva contains fortifications from the early fifteenth century and even in the current day, the architecture shows a hint of early Venetian influences. Nearby Becici are several other places worth visiting. As soon as oyu walk out of Becici, you can find the old fishing village known as Rafailovici. There are many quaint cafes and restaurants that you can visit in Rafailovici.

Becici - Overview

Becici, the charming little town, has the access to all of the entertainment of Budva. Just one mile from Becici, you can find the charming nightlife of Budva. There are a variety of nightclubs and bars here which offer a lively night life to those who come to Budva to party. At the promenade, there are several open bars and nightclubs. Some of the popular open bars in this area are the Trocadero, Rafaello, Miami and Renaissance. These clubs are allowed to play music till 1:00 am in the night, after which the parties usually move onto the beach. Becici itself has a nightclub known as Torine. However in Torine, you will only find local folk music and therefore most tourists prefer going over to enjoy the night scene in Budva.

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