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Bastia Holidays

Bastia is a commune of the French Haute-Corse department. Bastia is a city of the Corsican Island mass. Bastia is known for its wines and its port. Bastia is the capital city of the Haute-Corse department. Bastia is a city full of life with ancient and rustic charms. The old narrow streets of Bastia are adorned and overlooked by a 15th century citadel. Bastia resembles the city of Marseille in its unprepared ness for tourists. Bastia basks and glows beneath the golden Mediterranean sun.

Breathtaking Bastia

Bastia is located at the base of Cap Corse and to the northeast of Corsica. Bastia is a port town and also the main town of Corsica. Bastia is a commercial town and the port here is the principal port in Corsica. The mediterranean weather and drop dead beautiful scenery make Bastia a favourite of the tourists. There are no scorching summers or freezing winters in Bastia. Moderation and mildness is the way of life in Bastia much in contrast to its bustling city. The island with its terrific scenery is soothing and rejuvenating.

General Etiquette in Bastia

Knowledge of French can come in handy while ordering food and it is a French etiquette to tip after having food for the service rendered. Even in restaurants that take service charge along with the bill, some loose change for person in waiting is good manners and good service well acknowledged.

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