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Barcelona UK Holiday Makers

British Consulate General in Barcelona

You can get in touch with the British Consulate General at (+34) 93 366 62 00 for details on how to contact a duty officer in an emergency.

For more details, log on to -

Emergency contact numbers on Barcelona Holidays

General Emergencies- 112
(Ambulancia)Ambulance – 061
(Policía Nacional)National Police – 091
(Policia Local) Local Police – 092
(Guardia Civil)Civil Guard – 062
Catalan Regional Police – 088
(Bomberos) Fire Service - 080
Health Rapid Response Line (24 hr) – 902 111 444

International dialling codes -

00 is the international prefix to dial outside of U.K.
34 is the international code to dial to Spain.
93 is the city or local area code to dial to Barcelona, followed by the number you wish to dial.

Currency comparison -

On Barcelona holidays, it’s useful to know local currency conversions vis-à-vis the G.B.P.

One Euro (€) equals 0.881 G.B.P. or one G.B.P. equals 1.134 Euros.

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