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Barcelona Safety

The city certainly has its share of bag-snatching and pick pocketing incidents at crowded places such as beaches and metro stations. Sometimes tourists on holidays to Barcelona can become targets, especially if they look lost and aren’t careful with their possessions. Places such as Ramblas can be seedy at night. Common sense will always help people stay out of trouble on holidays to Barcelona. When in the city, try to dress like the locals do. Shorts and mini-skirts make it easy to spot tourists. Don’t carry more money than you may need, and keep all valuables in your hotel safe on holidays to Barcelona. Haversacks should not be worn on the back and cameras too should not be loosely slung. Pay attention to bags and other possessions when in cafés and crowded places. It’s advisable to look at maps in cafés so it’s not obvious on the road that you’re on holidays to Barcelona.   

When driving a car on Barcelona holidays, ensure that no valuables or possessions are visible on car seats. Even maps can be a giveaway. Keep windows securely locked and mobile phones handy at all times. These are some of the things that can help visitors on Barcelona holidays to stay safe and enjoy this beautiful city.    

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