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Barcelona Getting there and around

Barcelona is a global city that is at the forefront of finance and tourism in Spain, and befittingly, its public transport system is reliable and extensive so that visitors on Barcelona holidays too find it convenient to travel here. Broadly speaking, the five main ways to get around the city are –

Metro (Underground or Subway)

Punctual and air conditioned, Barcelona metro is favoured in summers when the days are hot. Its network covers most of the city’s major sites and is a great way to travel on holidays to Barcelona.  
Operating hours –
(Mondays – Thursdays) – 05:00 – 24:00
(Sundays and Holidays) – 05:00 – 24:00
                        (Fridays) – 05:00 – 02:00

If on holidays to Barcelona you intend to use the metro or buses on several occasions, a T10 ticket would entitle you to a maximum of 10 trips, where you can use the metro followed by a bus, or vice – versa. If the duration of your journey is less than 75 min (1 hr and 15 minutes), and you don’t re-board the metro once you’ve boarded a bus, then your entire journey would constitute ONE trip.

For unlimited trips, Barcelonans prefer the Barcelona Card.


A viable option to public transport on holidays to Barcelona, taxis are also quite reliable and efficient. A typical 15 min ride may cost 10 Euros. Official taxis are coloured black and yellow and can only charge what is displayed on their meter. Surcharges are applicable for carrying luggage. While useful, taxis on Barcelona holidays are not quite the best way to move around the city center.

Taxis can be ordered at -  
(0034) 93 225 0000
(0034) 93 284 8888
(0034) 93 433 1020
(0034) 93 303 3033
(0034) 93 330 0300

Taxis for the disabled and the handicapped can be ordered at –
(0034) 93 322 2222
(0034) 93 307 0707
(0034) 93 420 8088

Car Hire on Barcelona holidays

Hiring a car is an option to be considered only if you have special requirements on Barcelona holidays. If you plan to visit the surrounding locales and beaches, or if your hotel is somewhat far from the city center with no metro coverage, you may find hiring a car convenient. However, before you hire a car it’s worth remembering that parking cars in the city center is a hassle that’s best avoided. Also, it’s expensive to have your car released, if impounded by the authorities.  

Barcelona Trams

The city currently has one of the most advanced tram systems in the world that is safe and fast. Currently 5 tram lines are in operation and provide a great transport option for people on Barcelona holidays.

Barcelona Buses

Bus services are also efficient and have a wide coverage. Their retractable ramps facilitate wheelchair access. Bus stops often have shelters or signs.
The city is pedestrian friendly, and walking on your holidays to Barcelona is an excellent way of visiting several tourist attractions, also because the central area is quite smaller than tourists think. It’s also the best way of appreciating the city’s superb architectural masterpieces.

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