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Barcelona Etiquette and Tips

Barcelona is a fantastic destination, but it’s not a city where you’ll find people conversant in English. Unless you can speak a bit of Spanish or Catalan, you will most certainly require a good phrasebook on holidays to Barcelona, or a guide who is fluent in the local languages. The signboards too are never in English.

On holidays to Barcelona, it’s not customary to tip. If you wish to though, a 5% tip would certainly be appropriate. Most locals don’t believe in tipping. Restaurants often don’t state prices inclusive of VAT, so be sure to ask.

Visitors on Barcelona holidays need to be aware of local laws and etiquette. Drinking alcohol on the streets is not looked at kindly by the local authorities. Barcelona is tough on enforcing laws on consumption and possession of drugs. Nudity is illegal.

Spanish people dress smartly and appreciate tourists who follow suit. It’s wise to respect religion and dress conservatively when visiting a church on your Barcelona holidays. Avoid shorts, mini skirts and other ‘revealing’ dresses. Do dress smartly on formal occasions and dinners. Though beachwear is perfectly fine at the beach, it’s a no-no in any other part of town. Avoid sustained eye contact as it can be mistaken for flirtation. Wear proper shoes on Barcelona holidays, the Spanish are quite particular about good footwear. Work clothes are important if coming to the city on business, jackets and the works.

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