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Barbados How To Get There

Barbados has about 1,600 km of fully paved roads, and people drive on the left-hand side. Speed is restricted to 80 km/h on major arteries. Public transport consists of mini-buses, buses and ‘route-taxis’ called ZR’s (pronounced Zed-R’s). Several public transport vehicles depart from Bridgetown and Speightstown. Hotels also run shuttle services for their guests on Barbados holidays. Buses ply round the week, and government operated vehicles charge about the same as private vehicles. Several agencies provide car rentals and visitors on Barbados holidays require a temporary license as well as an international license.

Boating enthusiasts must follow all applicable laws on holidays to Barbados. On arrival at Barbados it’s required to stop by the Harbour-master at Bridgetown. To protect corals, anchor may only be dropped in government approved areas.

Sir Grantley Adams International Airport is the country’s only airport.

Walking is a great way of exploring cities and scenic landscapes on holidays to Barbados.

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