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Barbados holidays are an exciting time for the entire family. The country offers great scenic beauty, friendly folk and a relaxed approach to life. Each of its cities has much to offer and provides guests with a special opportunity to revel in its affable culture, cuisine and hospitality. Major cities include:


The capital city and commercial hub of Barbados is a lively place with great sights and excellent cuisine. It ranks among the major destinations on a holiday to Barbados. Broad Street offers an amazing shopping experience and the city also features important landmarks. It offers several hotels to suit different tastes and budgets on holidays to Barbados.

Luxury hotels include:

Hilton Barbados – Overlooking a great beach and the city of Bridgetown, it offers a luxurious stay.

Sandy Lane Hotel – Great views, top-notch service and excellent facilities.

Midrange hotels include:

The Sandpiper – This family owned hotel offers comfort and great facilities.

Island Inn – Originally constructed in 1804, this former rum storage facility is a pleasant hotel.


Located in the parish of St. Peter, it is a major tourist area. It’s popular with both locals and visitors on Barbados holidays for its weekend shopping. It home to a great art gallery and has several hotels and restaurants in close vicinity.

Great hotels/ resorts include:

Almond Beach Village – The 32 acre resort is popular on holidays to Barbados and offers on-site golf plus 6 pools in an all-inclusive package.

Cassandra 2 Beach Apartments – Access to a secluded beach and great snorkelling right on-site.

Sunset Sands Apartments – Great value with a nice sea view.

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