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Barbados British Holiday Makers

The British High Commission offers assistance to UK citizens on their holidays to Barbados. For more information visit -

Barbados emergency services are always a phone call away:

Police -211

Fire – 311

Ambulance – 511

Operator – 0

International dialling codes:

From the United Kingdom to Barbados - Dial 00 + 1 + 246 + seven digit phone number.

From U.S. and Canada – Dial 1(246) + seven digit phone number.

To reach a local number when in Barbados, just dial the seven digit phone number.

Currency comparison:

On Barbados holidays, it’s helpful to know Barbados currency conversions vis-à-vis the Great Britain Pound and the U.S. Dollar.

The Barbados Dollar (BBD) is fixed at the rate of $1.98 BBD to $1.00 U.S.

1 British Pound equals 3.0336 BBD approximately, or,

1 (BBD) = 0.329 British Pound (GBP).

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