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Banjul Holidays

Banjul is the Capital of Gambia and has taken its name from the word “Bang Julo” which is the Mande word for fiber. Mande people gathered fiber in order to make ropes and since then, the place is called as Banjul. Holidays to Banjul give a feel of authentic Africa with the ease of reaching out to beautiful sandy beaches along the coastline of Atlantic. The capital features a rich historical background with the architecture that hark backs to the colonial past.

Banjul has beautiful and peaceful sandy beaches just to walk and lie under the sun. Banjul holidays offer you adequate opportunities to buy clothes, Jewelry, food and spices in the Albert Market. The market also offers crafts that you can buy along with souvenirs to take back home. The Banjul holidays has a lot to offer you with lovely river cruises to wildlife trips that can surely give you the glimpses of chimps, monkeys, alligators, hippos and Lizards. You can also visit the close by resorts like Kolili and Bakau and enjoy their lovely shopping markets and restaurants during your holidays to Banjul.

General Etiquette

While greeting and communicating with the people of Banjul, it is advisable to spend initial 30 seconds in greeting and asking about the person rather than jumping onto the subject. While giving something, use your right hand, because using the left hand is considered to be unhygienic and therefore, natives may take it as an offense. It is important to follow the general etiquette on your holidays to Banjul.

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