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Balkans Holidays

Holidays to the Balkans unveils a vast region comprising many countries surrounding the Black Sea, on one side, and the Adriatic Sea, on the other, with the northern part sandwiched between a vast stretch of land. Holidays in Balkan region comprises fascinating countries, scenic mountains, pristine beaches, majestic coastline, verdant forests and beautiful palaces and unique churches. The enchanting cities and the rolling countryside boast a fascinating history to back its awesome geography attractions during Balkan holidays. Albania, Macedonia, Kosova, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia are historically collectively known as the Balkans. Located on a peninsula, these countries constitute a part and parcel of the European historical heritage, extending from the blue Adriatic Sea to the footsteps of the scenic Mountains, Balkan holidays boast numerous tourist attractions for visitors from across the globe.

Holidays in the Balkan region, also known as the Chain of wooded mountains, is a vast stretch of land dipping into the turquoise waters of the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea, offer an enchanting experience. Comprising a number of beautiful countries, all having some unique attractions to lure the visitors, the Balkan holidays offer plenty of entertainment and fun opportunities to travellers. A journey during holidays to Balkans is a sojourn to the heart, heritage, traditions and culture of this great region, which enchants tourists from world over. Its proximity to Europe opens up viable routes of travel from the beautiful Europe to the scenic Balkan holidays. All Balkan countries entice travellers in their own unique way to experience the similarities and differences among them, with some boasting scenic mountains, others exhibiting serene beaches and some others proud holders of the rich traditions and diverse culture during holidays to Balkans. The turquoise waters of the Black Sea and Adriatic Sea remind of the Balkans connection with the sea, with most of the beautiful Balkan cities standing on their banks boasting to be the real holders of the rich legacy of this diverse region. Any traveller travelling to this part of the world takes back great memories – memories he would love to share and relive even after holidays to Balkans.

General Etiquette

Overall, a basic understanding of the Slavic language will be quite handy during holidays to Balkans. The people of the Balkan region are quite helpful and very good hosts. Their hospitality is renowned world over.
• In Moldova, if you are at a public place, let women walk first. Do not even try to make derogatory comments about women.
• In Bulgaria, don’t forget to take gifts for the hosts.
• In Romania, offer seat for the elderly or very young in public transport. While visiting a store, always greet the vendor and thank him after buying something. If you are offered food in Romania, do not reject, as you will have to eat anyway. It will be better to enjoy the Romanian hospitality during holidays in Balkans.
• You can dress the way you like in Albania, for Albanians take pride how they look.
• In Serbia, tips of about 10 percent are expected in restaurants, hotels. Serbians even tip taxi drivers for their service.

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