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Bali Things To Do

Kuta: With Zip Holidays pamper yourself at this fantastic resort town, while on Bali Holidays trip. Kuta is one of the major tourist attractions in Bali, known for its sandy beaches, world-class accommodations, restaurants and bars. The site has been developed to provide best facilities to the inbound tourists, which come from all over the world. With an airport established nearby, Kuta is one of the first destinations tourists happen to see in Bali, and the experience is really good. The airport is not far from the beach stretch and travellers can have a peek at the streets that are popped up with hotels and restaurants.

Nusa Dua Beach: After Kuta, if you are still interested in spending your holidays at a clean and dovish beach, then travel to Nusa Dua. The clear water and white sand at this pristine beach are much pleasing. Bali holidays can be more pleasurable and exciting by venturing in the water sports at Nusa Dua Beach.

Celuk: Bali Holidays will further unfold the reminiscences of traditional art and craft centres at Celuk. Celuk is also famous as the Silver Capital of Bali. Here you will find plenty of shops merchandising gold, silver, wood and stone artefacts. Goldsmiths and blacksmiths inhabit the villages near Celuk in large numbers.

Mount Batur: The place is famous for stunning views of the lake, Danu Batur, which lies in the heart of an active volcano. The volcano is believed to have erupted about 30,000 years ago, forming a crater with diameter equal to 14 km. There is a temple constructed at the base called Pura Danu Batur, which is dedicated to the Goddess of the Lake. The lake as well as the nearby area is a must see place on your Bali Holidays.

Ubud: One of the foremost cultural townships in Bali, Ubud is famous as an eminent Balinese fine arts centre. Located in the centre of Bali, slightly towards the south, the region has surplus rice fields amidst ravines with a greener and cleaner ambience. Every year thousands of artists travel to Ubud to share their experience and knowledge. Make sure that you do not miss on Ubud on your Bali Holidays tour.

Candi Dasa: For an undisturbed leisure, this quaint beach front is one of the best destinations on your holiday planner. Candi Dasa, meaning 10 temples, is located on the eastern coastline with many upscale resorts and hotels being established in recent years. Travellers can take treks from Cadi Dasa to the village interiors. To witness the traditional lifestyle these villages are the best bets.

Sanur: Sanur is one more place where you can stay during Bali Holidays. This beach town has some of the best hotels in the entire Bali region. The place is also clustered with nightclubs, restaurants and discotheques.

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