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Bali Holidays

Bali is where all activity is, and to believe us, there is no better way other than paying this ultra-modern city a visit.

Let's get to know this wonderful island. Bali is an Indonesian Island that lies sandwiched between Java and Lambok, bordered by Indian Ocean. On its west lies Mauritius, on its north lies Thailand and Australia to its south. Its beautiful settings, defined by undulated terrains, picturesque coasts, enchanting temples and vibrant countryside, are some of the key ingredients that make Bali Holidays popular among the tourists.

The first people to inhabit Bali Island were Austronesians (people from regions around Australia, but not including Australian people), who settled on the island some 4000 years ago. Cultural and linguistic resemblances are sometimes taken as evidences to prove their ancestral connection with the Philippines. In the last two millennia, the culture and religious practices have been strongly influenced by India and China. Today, Bali is mostly inhabited by people who practice Balinese-Hinduism, and one can draw a confluence by carefully studying arts forms that have developed in this part of the world.

To give travellers (those visiting the island for the first time) a rough idea, being at Bali is more like walking around the sacred destinations of India and Tibet, in the backdrop of popular coastal regions of the south and terrace fields of Northern India. Bali Holidays promise unique experiences, especially for those who have travelled or stayed in the aforementioned places. Often Thailand holidays are clubbed with holidays to Indonesia as both countries lie very close to each other.

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