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Balearic Islands Holidays

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, with Spain in the north and Africa in the south, the Balearic Islands form an archipelago comprising Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera islands in the North and Ibiza and Formentera in the southwest. Balearic Islands holidays take you to the Mediterranean paradise. With their pristine beauty, scenic and nude beaches, turquoise oceanic waters, mesmerizing surroundings, abundant natural life, Balearic Islands holidays attract a large number of tourists. The small groups of the beautiful Balearic Islands are really ideal for a perfect holiday retreat.

The Balearic Islands holidays are famed for their enchanting beauty, drawing tourists from world over to join the guaranteed fun and frolic, forming a perfect destination for tour and travel. The majestic Balearic Islands are often touted as the paradise of the Mediterranean, with their rich history and culture and exemplary beauty. There is more to the Balearic Islands holidays than meets the eye – the sandy beaches seducing visitors to relax and bathe in the sun overlooking turquoise Mediterranean waters, the wide open sea inviting divers and swimmers to dip in the clear, turquoise waters, the towering palms providing respite from the hot Mediterranean weather, the dense tropical forests offering ample wildlife attractions, the majestic coastline inviting nightlife and what not! The Balearic Islands holidays are also famed for their health and spa culture – inviting you to participate in deriving health benefits even during your holidays to Balearic Islands. If this isn’t enough, the hospitality of the locals and hotel staff makes your holidays to Balearic Islands perfect. To add to this is the excellent climate, offering some 300 days of sunshine, just the perfect atmosphere for any holiday tour in this part of the planet.

The Balearic Islands Etiquette

In the Balearic Islands, it is considered polite to leave 5-10% tip. The Spaniards are known for manners and etiquette, thus it is always better to tip the waiter, bartender, taxi driver and hotel cleaning staff during Balearic Islands holidays. The Balearic Islands hotels do not charge any service tax on the final bill. Knowing Spanish can come in handy especially while shopping and can help you with bargaining during Balearic Islands holidays. Bring with you chocolates, pastries or cakes and gifts for the children while visiting the home of a Spaniard.

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