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Balaia Holidays

Nestled amidst the serene villages of Olhos d’Agua and Praia d'Oura, Balaia is located on Portugal’s Algarve coast. Sprawling golf courses, ideal weather and a plethora of resorts make Balaia holidays a time to remember. Besides, there is an element of tradition in the Balaia holidays.

There are traces of prehistoric society quite strongly evident in this southernmost region of Portugal. In fact, Balaia was earlier ruled by the Moors. And though Moors left this province long back, but their presence in the form of province’s architecture is still felt all over Balaia.

When you look around, you would invariably find most of Balaia properties revealing a touch of Moorish culture. Region’s traditional architecture reflects Arabian influence and you would see the houses in Balaia bearing snow white walls and typical Arabic ornamented chimneys.

The highlights of Balaia holidays are its sun-dappled beaches and astonishing scenic views. Holidays in Balaia translate themselves into the perfect summer vacation for families. In fact, the beaches are must visit during Balaia holidays.

Before travelling to Portugal, ensure that you are well aware with the social customs of the Portuguese. Since the official language of Portugal is Portuguese, make sure that before visiting the country, out of courtesy, you learn at least few phrases of Portuguese. Though Spanish and Portuguese share loads of familiarities; however, do take note that they are two distinct languages. Ensure that you do not commit the blunder of speaking Spanish to a Portuguese person, which is considered very rude in Portugal – because of historical reasons. Moreover, Portuguese are very conservative and formal people. Always ensure that while conversing to unfamiliar acquaintance you do not sound too informal.

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