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Balaclava Terre Rouge Holidays

Balaclava Terre Rouge holidays offer relaxation amidst scenic sea, beautiful beaches, scintillating night life, tranquil gardens and finest tourist facilities. Tourists from across the world prefer to spend their holidays in Balaclava Terre Rouge for its panoramic location. Balaclava Terre Rouge is located on a picturesque bay on Mauritius’ northwest coast. Just 15-minute drive from the famed Grand Bay, this charming place is 38 miles from the international airport. The place derives its name from the historic Balaclava estate, which is one of the most important attractions in Mauritius.

Mesmerizing Balaclava Terre Rouge

All-inclusive Balaclava Terre Rouge holidays offer a scintillating experience. The exclusive luxury resort positioned on a tranquil yet enchanting bay is a perfect place to spend luxury holidays in Balaclava Terre Rouge. The gorgeous tropical garden is well complemented by idyllic Balaclava beach. The typically wonderful soft white sands add glamour to the charming Turtle Bay and its amazing turquoise water. The beach boasts ample scope for total relaxation, excellent facilities and outstanding swimming conditions. The nightlife in Balaclava Terre Rouge is awesome and dominated by cultural shows, theme nights, live music extravaganza and finest discos. The area is dotted with numerous facilities to add to the enjoyment of the tourists and make their Balaclava Terre Rouge holidays elegant and mesmerizing.

Tips are greatly appreciated in Balaclava Terre Rouge. It is advisable for tourists on their Balaclava Terre Rouge holidays to negotiate taxi fares in advance. People in the area are incredibly polite, and they expect the same from the tourists on their Balaclava Terre Rouge holiday. Wishing while meeting a stranger and entering a shop or restaurant or public venue is appreciated.

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