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Bal Harbour Holidays

Bal Harbour is a quaint little village in the Miami – Dade County of Florida. This sparsely populated village is known for its pristine beaches and clear blue waters. The small village is approximately 1.5 square km area. The village is located on the northern most tip of the Barrier Island or what we popularly know as the Miami Beach. The Bal Harbour Village has a thriving tourism business which is also the chief source of revenue.
The Bal Harbour District, though sparsely populated, is a small community which houses beautiful apartments and condominiums. Due to the increasing tourism, the Bal Harbour district has also become a small business center.

History of Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour was once completely uninhabited and was merely a sand bar in the beautiful Biscayne Bay which surrounds it. The village was nothing but a marshy swamp. Bal Harbour was at that time owned by the Miami Beach Heights Corporation, a company based in Detroit. It was only in the year 1930 that a company known as Harland Bartholomew & Associates were hired to draft the plan of a village in this marshy land. Though several drafts were forwarded to the Company for their review, it took another ten odd years for any work to actually start. During this time, due to the World War II, Bal Harbour was rented out at a meager lease to the United states Air Corps. Bal Harbour was at that time used to conduct military training and a prison camp for the Prisoners of War.

When the war finished, the United States Army left behind several barracks which were then converted into apartments. The Bal Harbour Village was finally incorporated on August 14 in 1946. The swamps were finally filled and a sea wall around the village was created in order to protect it from large tides.

Tourism at Bal Harbour

From the day it was incorporated, the Bal Harbour was meant to be a tourist destination. The clear and beautiful beaches of the village and the luxurious ocean front properties along with the background of the World War II, make Bal Harbour a place much sought after by tourists.

Apart from the many facilities provided by the luxury resorts, the Bal Harbour administration gives plenty of choices for relaxation and recreation. Besides the beautiful beaches of the Bal Harbour, there are several green spaces throughout the small village. There are two passive parks and a well equipped lot for small children.
The Village has three tennis courts and there are evening social events that the administration organizes every year. The Halloween Party organized by the city’s police department is especially famous.
The beach front itself offers plenty of activities for the tourists. Tourists can enjoy some fishing, surfing and other water sports in Bal Harbour. Apart from that, there are numerous shops which promise and exciting shopping adventure to all shopaholics.

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