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Bakau Holidays

Bakau is situated in Gambia’s Kombo region on the Atlantic shoreline. Bakau has some beautiful quite beaches lapped with warm waters of Atlantic Ocean offering you sufficient space to relax and be at peace. Bakau is a lovely resort for honeymooners and couples. Bakau holidays offer beach resorts like Kololi, Kotu and Cape Point. You can plan holidays to Bakau anytime of the year as it provides warm weather all through the year with temperature hovering around 30-35C.

Holidays to Bakau can be really exciting as it offers beaches, water sport activities and lovely sun rises and sun sets. Bakau holiday offers some bubbly areas full of bars, shops, restaurants and eateries. Bakau offers its holidaymakers some really exciting boat trips where you can spot crocodiles, it also offers thrilling trips to wildlife parks and Baboon Island which would surely show you the wild Africa apart from the lovely holiday resorts.

On holidays to Bakau you will luxury accommodations located very near to the beaches. All the hotels of Bakau have facilities like fitness centre and Spa along with top class restaurants.

General Etiquette

When it comes to communication, it is not advisable to get to the subject immediately, instead, try spending 15-30 seconds in greeting and asking about the well-being of the person. If you do not do so on your Bakau holidays, it is considered discourteous. Also, do not use your left hand while giving anything to people as this is seen as an offense. This is because; the left hand is used for toilet purposes and considered unhygienic.

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