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Bahia Maimon Restaurants and dining

This cuisine in Bahia Maimon suits every palate. You can find all international flavours, local fresh cuisine, cheap food and simple restaurants along with stylish, upscale dining rooms on your Bahia Maimon holidays. Some recommended restaurants in Bahia Maimon are:

Chris & Mady’s: Offers some of the best and freshest seafood and is among the most affordable in the area.

Le Papillon: A charming restaurant set on a hillside about 5km southwest of Puerto Plata. An open-sided pavilion overlooking a forest is beautiful.

Veranda/Lucia: Two classy eating joints by the beach where must eats include grilled red snapper and lobster tail slices cooked in tempura style. Do not miss these restaurants during your Bahia Maimon holidays.

Sam’s Bar & Grill: It was established in 1970. Excellent meatloaf and beef steak. The steak and eggs are delicious as well.

Hemmingway’s Café: The menu lists pastas, fajitas, quesadillas, meal-size salads, burgers, and generously portioned steaks. After 9pm, a karaoke machine cranks out romantic or rock-'n'-roll favourites.

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Bahia Maimon Holidays