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Bahamas Attractions and Activities

The first place anybody would think for a relaxing holiday would most likely be a Bahamas holiday; you can choose from a host of all inclusive Holiday Packages to Bahamas. Here is a list of top activities and attraction we have included in the holiday packages to Bahamas.
o    Snorkelling and Diving: Andros Island is the third largest barrier reef in the world with 100 miles of coral formations.  The central park with its large stands of Elkhorn coral growing in 15 feet of water is famous for Snorkelling adventures. Further out when the water plunges to the depth of nearly 100 feet, divers explore the blue holes.  You could go diving with the dolphins or just check out a sunken pirate ship. If you have never dived before there are world class dive instructors ready to help you. Go diving with our Exclusive diving holiday packages to Bahamas.
o    Glass Bottom boat Cruises: This is a unique way of exploring the underwater, without even getting into the water.  Enjoy great cruises with our Cruise holiday packages to Bahamas.
o    Regattas: These are sailing races that take place in all the main islands of Bahamas. They are a great show to watch, while you enjoy the barbeque at the shore. A great way to spend a relaxing holiday in Bahamas. Zip Holidays offers special all inclusive and cheap holiday packages during these events.
o    Fishing: Sport fishing is widely popular as the surrounding waters are home to many large fishes, from sport fishing to tournament fishing; Bahamas is a place to go. Go partake in fishing tournaments with great package holidays from ZIP Holidays.
o    Shopping and Casinos:  Gambling is big in Bahamas; Places like Crystal Palace, Prince Casino, and Atlantis in Paradise islands have thousands of slot machines, you will not find any locals here though, as they are banned from gambling. Shopping in Bahamas is great, as there are many stores with a huge collection of luxury items for cheaper rates. There are also the Bahamian jewellery art which you would want to check out. Bahamas holiday packages will ensure you get ample time to shop and play.
o    Outdoor aquarium at the Atlantis Resort: Situated in Paradise Island, the Atlantis Resort has 34 acres marine habitat whose 11 lagoons and pools are home to 200 species. Sharks’ gliding by, as you walk through the acrylic tunnel is indeed a thrilling experience.  Exhibits include the giant grouper, piranhas, lobsters, balloon-like jelly fish, regal lionfish and eels. There is also a touch tank where children can handle starfish, conch and sea urchins. The tour is covered in our all inclusive package holiday to Bahamas.
o    Beaches: The two great beaches on Paradise Islands are Cabbage which is dotted with palms, coconut trees and sea grape, it stretches for nearly two miles and Paradise beach. Grand Bahamas has great beaches which include the Xanadu beach and Lucaya beach which are both lined with resorts. Gold rock beach in Lucayan National Park is another great beach to visit. Most all inclusive Bahamas beach holiday packages cover the most exotic beaches in Bahamas.
o    Lucayan National Park Kayak and Cave tours:  This national park tour in the Grand Bahamas Island is a treat with Kayaking, caving and swimming all bundled up on the islands most beautiful beaches.  After the swimming and picnicking you could go out on a nature trail walk and check out the caves of Stalactites and stalagmites. The tour is covered in our all inclusive package holiday to Bahamas.
o    Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon island: The island is only 3 miles from Nassau where you can see the bottlenose dolphins. You could swim with them, get kissed or just watch them from the dock. UNEXCO offers similar programmes in the Grand Bahamas Island. Most holiday packages to Bahamas include this tour.
Other activities included in many of our holiday packages to Bahamas are cycling in Cat Island, Playing Golf and Tennis in Nassau, Parasailing in Nassau or Grand Bahamas or wind surfing anywhere in Bahamas.

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