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Bahamas Holidays

Bahamas is a stunning country located in West Indies, it is also popularly knows as “The country of 700 islands”. A holiday in Bahamas will be amazing as you discover that you have stumbled upon not one, but many destinations. The 23 inhabited islands from Grand Bahamas to Great Inagua, the numerous unpopulated cays and islets, the umpteen cosmopolitan Nassau and the desert wild-life sanctuary of Inagua we have it all and more in out reasonable Bahamas holiday packages. Holidays in Bahamas are popular for their beaches; many people also visit Bahamas for its abundant marine life and terrestrial flora and fauna. With almost 5% of worlds coral reefs located in Bahamas, it surpasses even Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. There are several national parks encompassing every kind of habitat that the islands have. A holiday in Bahamas is sure to give you a world of experience; all you need to do is choose one of the all inclusive Holiday packages from ZIP Holidays.

Holiday in Bahamas is popular with sailors, due to the various regattas and races held around the year, special Holiday packages are also available during these events.  Bahamas holiday is also popular for the variety and abundance of marine life; more than 50 international fishing records have been set in the Bahamian waters. The Islands attract huge visitors to its underwater parks which showcases its vast and diverse marine life. From the pink sands of Harbour Island and Eleuthera to the deserted strands of the Exumas and San Salvador, there is a world of beaches to be experienced. The local hospitality and culture are the high point of holidays in Bahamas; The Ministry of tourism has a special people-to-people programme which provides an opportunity to visitors to experience this culture first hand. You will most surely hear many local tales.  These programmes are included in many of our Holiday packages to Bahamas, which will enrich your holiday in Bahamas experience.

A holiday in Bahamas is incomplete without visiting Nassau, the Capital city of Bahamas; it has a distinct international flavour and tropical ease. Many travel agents have various cheap holiday packages and all inclusive Luxury holiday packages to Nassau.

The Grand Bahamas is where historical charm, modern attractions and ecological wonders can be found in a perfect mix. We have various cheap package holidays to Grand Bahamas, many of out Bahamas holiday packages include Grand Bahamas tour.

The Out islands consists of Abacos, Acklins, Andros, Berry islands, Bimini, Cat island, Harbour Island, Exumas, Inaqua, Long Island, Mayaguana and San Salvador. In form of tiny remote villages, the islands are an epitome of simple way of living. You will find the worlds most stunning beaches, dive sites and fishing sites here. ZIP Holidays offers all inclusive cheap Diving holiday packages and beach holiday packages to these islands.

General Etiquette in Bahamas

These are some etiquette’s you need to keep in mind when you are out on a holiday in Bahamas. Locals largely earn their income from tourism. Therefore if you are given directions or taken to a destination by a local, it is considered polite to tip them generously. Tipping after a meal in restaurants is a common practice. Bahamians are quite modest and conservative in their attire, so wearing a swimsuit anywhere other than the beach would be considered disrespectful.  The locals are deeply religious people so while visiting a Church make sure that you are dressed modestly.

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