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Baga Holidays

Baga beach is much smaller side of the Calangute beach. Baga holidays are a must for party loving couples and individuals because Baga holidays are never going to be lazy or quiet at night! With some really nice fishing spots, Baga holidays come among some of the most colourful beaches of Goa.

Baga is situated very close to Calangute town in northern stretches of central Goa – the two merge so seamlessly that it is difficult to demarcate a clear boundary between them! Baga holidays have a really colourful history, both literally and metaphorically, for tourism really starting booming in this region after the flower generation landed here in the 1970s.

Apart from a plethora of attractions and activities to go for during Baga holidays, there is one thing that you can really pass your time with, and that is shopping. You can obviously buy the usual souvenirs, but Baga holidays give you the chance to get really cheap made-to-measure suits. Moreover, customized jackets and even luggage are a rage among those on Baga holidays. Do check out Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar and optical shops in Calangute (for some cheap yet chic spectacles!). Another shop worth browsing while on Baga holidays is the Rama’s Bookshop at Calangute junction where second-hand books galore! And in all major European languages. The bargain doesn’t end here – you get 50 percent price of the bought book back, if you return the book after reading.

Day-trips and excursions to other parts of Goa and even India can be arranged easily for there are lots of travel agents about Baga. In fact, Baga holidays make for a good starting point for exploring this region of the mystery we call India!

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