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Austria Attractions and Activities

Austria enthrals people from different parts of the world by its colourful landscapes, grand mountains and serene lakes. From the svelte Vienna in the east, to the breath taking mountains in the west, to the bustling metropolis’ Salzburg and the scenic Carinthian in the south the country offers something for every discerning visitor.

The following are the famous landmarks and attractions on your Austria holidays.

Schonbrunn Palace (Schloss Schonbrunn): This cultural masterwork was the summer palace of the Austria's royal family. It offers an impressive view of the Vienna City and welcomes travellers on their Austria holidays to marvel at its lovely interiors and fine architecture.

Kunsthistorisches Museum: An elegant museum that houses the finest pieces of religious and European artwork. Visitors on their Austria holidays should not miss its fabulous ancient art collection.

Stadtpark: This lively city park of Vienna with a golden statue of well known musician Johann Strauss in the centre, is an excellent place for a relaxing walk on your Austria holidays.

Kaisergruft: An interesting historic site with the tombs of erstwhile Austrian emperors. When you are on your Austria holidays you will marvel at the crypt's artwork and attention to detail.

Augustiner Braustubl: When you are on your Austria holidays you would love to visit this place well known for its fine brewing.

Graz Armory (Landeszeughaus): Grand collection of 32,000 historical artefacts and military equipments on a 17th century military arsenal. Regarded as the richest building in the world with armours and weapons, it is a must see place on your Austria holidays.

Salzburg Fortress (Festung Hohensalzburg): Placed on the city of Salzburg its origin dates back to Roman period and boasts of being one of the biggest fortifications of the Europe. On your Austria holidays you can visit the permanent Fortress Museum that is housed with human artefacts and antique objects.

Mozart's Birthplace (Mozart Gerburtshaus): This is the birthplace of the renowned music composer with exhibits of musical artefacts right from his childhood days. On your Austria holidays you can delight on witnessing some samples of the Mozart’s compositions and paintings.

Mauthausen Memorial: A former concentration camp that has been changed into a memorial site. Its purpose is to keep the memories of past atrocities for all future generations. An unforgettable monument to explore on your Austria holidays.

Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere): This historic palace is the former residence of the Prince of Savoy. It has two beautiful palaces. One boasts of having the Museum of Austrian Baroque and the Museum of Medieval Austrian Art. The second one houses the Austrian Gallery. A must visit palace on your enchanting Austria holidays.

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