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Austria Holidays

Austria spreads across 83,872 sq.kms and has a population of around 8.3 million. Because of the breath taking Alps, its terrain is almost mountainous and as such 32% of the country is below 500 metres. Apart from the Alps it has many glaciers and snow covered peaks, the highest one being the Grossglockner. Danube is the major river that nourishes the entire country. Since woodlands and forests cover almost 40% of the island, travellers can enjoy its lush green surroundings on their Austria holidays.

The country was ruled by monarchy till 1918 and in the year of 1955 it reclaimed its independence from Allied forces as a neutral and sovereign state. At present it is a parliamentary democracy with nine federal regions. Widely known for its charm and lovely attractions, the country also offers its citizens a high standard of living that is exhibited in the per capita GDP of a whopping $50,098.

When it comes to architecture the country boasts of a fine blend of styles such as art nouveau, gothic, post modernism and renaissance. Rich heritage of Salzburg and Vienna and the folk traditions of the eastern plains and the Alps have made this country a truly exotic destination throughout the entire Europe.

As a part of the European Union the country adopted EURO as its official currency since January 2002. Bank notes begin from 5 to 500 Euros and the coins come in the denominations of 1 to 50 cents.

Visitors on their Austria holidays would be delighted to know that Vienna, the city of culture, is ranked 4th in the ‘International Quality of Life Survey’. The reasons are easy to find out – its wide range of activities, safety in roads and trains, well managed public services, educational facilities and moderate climate.

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