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Australia Culture and Etiquette

Tipping (gratuity)

On your holidays to Australia do keep in mind that service is often more casual, even in more expensive restaurants and hotels than people in Great Britain are used to. Tipping is generally not expected and no mandatory gratuities or restaurant service charges exist (a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is included in your total bill). Guests sometimes leave 10% tips for good service in expensive restaurants during their holidays to Australia. Tipping is not expected in bars and taxis, though people often leave some of their coin change.

Note: Australians use the term “tip” for garbage dumps and not for gratuities.

Local laws and rules to be aware of on Australian holidays -

Visitors on Australia holidays need to be aware of the following:

All plant and food material as well as animal products must be declared on arrival. Incoming passenger cards are issued to visitors on holidays to Australia who must tick yes if they are carrying any of the above mentioned articles and aren’t penalised if the items are declared. For more information, visit

It’s important for tourists on Australia holidays to be aware that possession or use of illegal drugs is strictly against the law (you may only carry drugs prescribed by your doctor). Only persons 16 yrs or older may buy cigarettes, and alcohol may only be purchased by persons 18 yrs or older.

If you’re planning Australia holidays, it’s worth noting that traffic drives on the left, driving license and vehicle documents must be carried at all times as well as your national driving license if you plan to drive.

In case of an emergency, guests on holidays to Australia are advised to dial 000 for an ambulance, the police or fire brigade. This is a free call and if necessary, the police will promptly arrange for an interpreter.

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