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Australia Holidays

No other country in the World offers more varied holiday destinations than the stunning land of Australia. On your holidays to Australia, you’ll come across beautiful and modern cities as well as several destinations with uniquely rugged rustic charm. Its wilderness possesses a unique splendour that visitors on Australia holidays find irresistible. From Adelaide to Canberra and Perth to Sydney, its cities showcase an uninhibited culture that infuses Australia holidays with free-spirited verve. Its outback has so many places to visit and wildlife to see that people on holidays to Australia can never explore it enough.

The Land down Under is situated in the Southern Hemisphere and comprises most of the Australian continent which is the planet’s smallest and lowest-lying human inhabited continent. Most of the 22 million Australians are of European descent. The mainland was first sighted in 1606 and in 1707 the east coast was named New South Wales by James Cook. On 1 January, 1901 its six British self-governed colonies collectively became the six states of the Commonwealth of Australia. Today Australia is surrounded by holiday destinations including the tiny but gorgeous Mauritius on its west, Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand on the north and New Zealand on its east.

The island country’s long coastline is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans. Desert and semi-arid lands constitute its largest part and are a popular tourist destination on Australian holidays. Commonly referred to as the Australian outback it is a vast place and home to critters the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else, and in its inner regions it’s quite possible for the intrepid traveller to never come across anyone.

English is by far the most popular language while Chinese, Italian, Arabic and Greek are widely used by the immigrant population.

This is a nation of people who are very passionate about their sports and this reflects in the Australian medal tally at all international sports meets including the Olympics. The Australian Open is a great tennis spectacle and a time when many tennis lovers come on Australia holidays.

Important information for people on holidays to Australia:

The currency exchange rate is approximately 1.316 Australian dollars (AUD) per US dollar and 1.989 AUD per British Pound. The Australian international dialling country code is +61.

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