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Athens Restaurants and dining

One might get the vibes that food and eating out in Athens would be as classical as the city. The premise is partially true for there are restaurants that have the classic ambience as well as many over-rated restaurants in the city. In any case you will be mostly visiting the Plaka area in search of great culinary treat. Some recommended restaurants in Plaka region are Vizantino, Paradosiako, Glykis and Platanos.

To add spice to your Athens Holiday tour, you can also try the restaurants at Syntagma and Monastiraki. Some famous ones at Syntagma are Vasilopoulos, Ariston and Noodle Bar. Noodle Bar is particularly famous for serving Asian cuisine. At Monastiraki, the best ones are Yiantes, Arheon Gefsis, and Furin Kazan

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