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Athens Attractions and Activities

After considering a number of factors like travellers’ reviews, accessibility, historic and cultural importance, we have listed the best tourist destinations or must see places for your Athens Holidays tour. These places are:

Acropolis: Your Athens Holidays will be incomplete without visiting the famous Acropolis and monuments located here. Acropolis stands as sentinel and is visible from any part of the city. The famous Doric temple, Parthenon is situated here. The temple was constructed around 510 B.C. It is built with Pentelic marble, except the roof of the temple which is made of wood.

Theatre of Dionysos: This giant theatre is located on the southeastern slope of Acropolis, originally built in the fifth century B.C. This stone theatre, dedicated to Dionysus – the god of plays, is the oldest theatre belonging to the ancient Greek civilization. In its heydays the theatre used to seat about 17,000 people and feature famous plays, satires and tragedies.

National Archaeological Museum: Celebrate your Athens Holidays by visiting one the famous National Archaeological Museum in the city. The museum has been often thought of one among the top 10 museums of the world. It is situated at Exharia, adjacent to yet another famous building, Athens Polytechic. The museum has rich collections of arts and antiquities of ancient Greek civilization.

Ancient Agora: Agora used to be the place of gathering in ancient Greece. Kings and councils used the place to deliver their statements, philosophers used agora to preach and later on agora also served as market place. Ancient Agora of Athens is a famous agora where great human beings like Socrates and St. Paul used to preach.

Olympieion or Temple of Olympian Zeus: The monument was built somewhere near 6th century B.C. as a temple dedicated to Zeus, the king of Olympian Gods. This classic structure was a famous site during the thriving days of Roman Empire. It is one of the must see places in your Athens Holidays tour.

National Garden: National Garden or the erstwhile Royal Garden was built in 1838-40 at special request made by Queen Amalia. This quiet oasis in the middle of the city entertains in a number of ways. It encompasses a botanical museum, a small zoo, library, café and a pond. National Garden also features ancient ruins.

Plaka: While exploring the city on your Athens Holidays trip, you will be quite surprised to find this neoclassical neighbourhood, above the residential area on northern and eastern slopes of Acropolis. You have to walk down to this place as cars are not allowed here. The place has plenty of restaurants and small food joints.

Monastiraki Market: If you are looking forward to buy souvenirs in Athens, then better try Monastiraki flea market. You can buy different arts and antiquities and at reasonable rates. Also, if you want to buy some old coins we recommend this place.

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