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Athens Holidays

Athens is located on the plains of Attica, bordered by four mountains on the east, west and north side. On the southern side lies the Saronic Gulf that further extends to the Port of Piraeus. Geographical coordinates of Athens are 37°58′N and 23°43′E. Area: The core area in Athens is limited to 39 square kilometres. However, the urban area that extends beyond administrative limits covers over 410 square kilometres of land area. The region is marked by plains and rocky mountains.

A brief stay at Athens will unfold past mysteries associated with this oldest surviving city in the world. It is the birthplace of Western Civilization and an important learning centre of arts, philosophy, culture and business. At Athens, you get a flashback of the glorious past, get back in time to marvel at the post modern world and realize the missing link between the two epochs.

Besides art and cultural institutions, monuments and historic places, Athens Holidays also gives you a chance to stay at one of the richest and expensive cities in the world. Modern city comforts such as five star hotels, elegant restaurants and bars, night clubs, efficient public transport and a new airport are convincing enough to include Athens in your Greece Holidays or just book for an exclusive Athens Holidays tour.

Neighbouring Regions: Athens is neighboured by Peloponnese that lies towards southwest, Central Greece lying north, South Aegean towards southeast and North Aegean that lies towards northeast.

Languages: Principal languages spoken in Greece are Greek, English, French and German. In Greek the say “Yes” as “Neh”. So don’t get confused when they say “Neh” and mean “Yes”.

Religion: Majority of the people in Athens are Christian (Catholics). Muslims and Jews also live in small numbers.

Currency: The official currency of Athens (Greece) is Euro. Exchange rate for Euro at present (May 2009) is as: €1 = £0.088 (GBP) = $1.37 (USD)

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