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Aruba Holidays

Miles of white sands, pristine beaches, tranquil waters, clear skies and lush tropical greenery invite you to outstanding all- inclusive Aruba holidays. Sun lovers, cruise passengers and holidaymakers find Aruba holidays a pleasure. Of a million tourists who visit, most of them are British and American. Aruba travel is a favourite with the Dutch and Germans also. Luxurious resorts, delicatessens, casinos, various water sports centres make Aruba cheap and complete family destination. Most of the activities and attractions are situated in either the capital or North Aruba while the rest of the island is still not developed much.

Aruba holidays indulge the tourists in a special way. It is a perpetual incredible summer with pleasant memories. Explorers found red gold in Aruba and is rightly justified as a treasure island or a haven of gold. Serenity, spectacular beauty, whispering emerald palms, soft sands make Aruba holidays an idyllic one. Luxurious hotels, boutique rooms, designer malls, well-equipped spas, relaxing massages make Aruba vacation all-inclusive. The Arubans have a mixed ethnic origin of Caquito Indian, European and African roots. They are extremely warm and take extra care in offering the best hospitability to Aruba holidaymakers. Aruba is among the travel destinations with a high rate of repeat customers.

Aruba tourism is well developed and organized. They ensure that they are capable of catering to different tastes, styles, needs and interests. Deserted beaches and bays offer privacy to the secluded honeymooners. Families can visit crowded beaches, attend festivals and enjoy wild life safaris. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy varied water-based activities that are thrilling and exciting. There are golf courses, tennis courts, horse riding and hiking trails for the rest. There is a varied and exciting range of fun-filled activities for families, singles, honeymoon couples, ambassadors and working executives. Aruba travel is a beach and safari destination with the unique capacity to cater to each need.  

Aruba beach and safari holidays

Though the economy was dependant on gold mining, aloe cultivation and oil refinery in the early stages, tourism has become the most vital sector in Aruba today. Banking, tourism and transportation are the main economic sectors. The natural environment is intact and therefore, it has become an ecotourism centre. It has also earned a name as place for beach and safari Aruba holidays. Beaches, countrysides, casinos, discos and national parks keep the Aruba holidaymakers busy engaged in pleasing activities. Stable government, suitable climate, white pristine beaches, convenient location and multi-lingual friendly locals have increased the number of tourists every year.  

The topography is unusual for a Caribbean landscape with cacti and divi-divi trees. Arid landscapes, constant sunshine, varied activities and vibrant nightlife make Aruba holidays entertaining. There are 42 diving sites; scuba diving is extremely popular. The corals, tropical fishes, mesmerizing under water flora and fauna have a stunning effect on the senses. Swimming, snorkelling, boat riding and windsurfing are some sports enjoyed by most tourists. On the dry land, various activities like horse riding, golfing, hiking engage the holidaymakers. Salsa keeps them merry in the evenings and late into nights. No wonder, Aruba holiday is developing as destination for honeymoon couples.

Island shamans, Caquetio Indians, Europeans and other settlers have introduced a multi-cultural mix in Aruba. Their diverse experiences and traditions have resulted in a rich past. The Caquetio Indians were the first inhabitants until the Spanish enslaved them. The Dutch occupied the island to protect their supply of salt. Gold mining brought more people onto the island. The geography and climate attracted many British and Dutch immigrants. Aruba travel became highly encouraged. The population grew by 7-fold. This brought about an increase in commercial enterprises.  

This small island of Aruba is home to more than 80 nationalities; American Indians, Latin and European influences is seen in every aspect of their lives. They speak Dutch, English, Spanish and a local language called Papiamento. The local handicrafts are on display at casinos, hotels and restaurants. Caribbean theme nights offer plenty of merriment in an Aruba holiday. The last Sunday of every month is celebrated with much gusto. People appreciate music, authentic culinary specialities and local handicrafts on this day. Art galleries, concerts, theatrical performances are an opportunity to viewing local talent. Over the last 20 years, all-inclusive Aruba vacations have become the rage.

General Etiquette during Aruba holiday

Everyone must drive on the right-hand side of the road. Taxis are rated modestly and the tipping is usually at 10% for taxi drivers. Tip the porters 50 cents for each bag. Most bills charge 10% -15% gratuity charges, hence you can tip to your own discretion. Pack casual summer wear for Aruba holidays.

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