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Armacao de Pera Holidays

Armacao de Pera, which means fish base, is one of the oldest resorts of Algarve. The main highlight of Armacao de Pera holidays is the huge beach that extends all the way down to Gale.
Armacao de Pera is, in fact, a perfect amalgam of modern architecture and ancient civilization.

As you head towards the eastern part of the resort during your Armacao de Pera holidays, you will find colourful boats and myriad restaurants reflecting a touch of bygone days. And when you move further towards west, you will find sea waves beautifully carving the limestone into fascinating shapes - undoubtedly a breathtaking view.
The history of Armacao de Pera is pretty interesting. During 16th century, the fortress was built to defend Armacao de Pera from the pirate attacks. Eventually, fishermen built up their houses very close to the harbour to guard the place against such attacks and this is how the small lovely village named Armacao de Pera took shape.

Before visiting Portugal, it is advisable to learn some phrases of Portuguese. Beside, Portuguese are very conservative and formal people and do not appreciate informal behaviour by unfamiliar acquaintances. Greetings are very polite and formal. Handshaking is the most widespread way to greet others in Portugal. You should never show index finger while pointing to something as it is considered vulgar here. A good idea is to learn a little Portuguese before setting up for Armacao de Pera holidays.

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