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Areias Sao Joao Holidays

Areias Se Joao is a Portuguese parish located in the district of Santa Comba Dão. Areias Se Joao is located in such a manner that it gives you the comfort of both the tranquil beach as well as a vibrant town life. Areias Se Joao holidays could be a great choice for someone who is desperately looking for a break from bustling urban life. The place is extensively crowded with a large number of hotels and rental apartments providing all possible tourist facilities to give holidaymakers comfort of their home. Moreover, Areias Se Joao holidays provide easy accessibility to major attractions of the region.

Awesome Areias Se Joao

Discover a true getaway to paradise at Areias Se Joao holidays. Whether you need to spend some quality time with your family or just need to relax away from everyday chores, worries and fast pace of city life, Areias Se Joao holidays will offer those beautiful lazy moments at the breathtaking long and sandy beaches. And while you go back to the town, enjoy the picturesque walk; however, ensure that you carry a pair of trainers or walking shoes as this walk from the beach to the town is pretty steep.

General Etiquette in Areias Se Joao

Before travelling to Portugal, ensure that you are well aware with their social customs and etiquette. Since the official language of Portugal is Portuguese, make sure that before visiting the country, you learn at least few phrases of Portuguese as a mark of courtesy. Though Spanish and Portuguese share loads of familiarities; however, note that they are two distinct languages. Ensure that you do not commit a blunder of speaking Spanish to a Portuguese person, which is considered very rude in Portugal. Moreover, Portuguese are very conservative and formal people. Ensure that during Areias Se Joao holidays, you don’t sound too informal while conversing to unfamiliar acquaintances.

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