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Antigua Things To Do

Antigua holidays – WHAT TO SEE AND DO?

Devil’s Bridge: Though not a very popular attraction, this bridge is still an interesting place to visit during your Antigua holidays. This bridge is formed by the intersection of two diverse water currants of Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It’s made up of soft and hard limestone boulder that was eroded by the Atlantic surf crashing against the Caribbean surf.

Miramar Sailing: For all the sailing lovers, this is one experience to have on your Antigua holidays. With very helpful hosts, sailing is exciting and makes you come back for more.

Creole Cruises Antigua: Antigua holidays are incomplete without this lobster lunch cruise to Bird Island and Prickley Pear Island.

Half Moon Bay: If you are tired on your Antigua holidays, be here for a sun bath while you gaze at the surf and the abundant natural beauty.

Adventure Antigua: Another inescapable boat tour during your Antigua holidays offering snorkelling, time for exploring reefs and viewing wildlife.

Cedar Valley Golf Club: Besides being a 6000 yard and par-70 golf-course offers breathtaking sea view. A must visit during your Antigua holidays.

Dickenson Bay: Another great beach area for your Antigua holidays with provisions of bars, clubs and other games.

Adventure Caribbean Yacht Charter: A customisable sailing trip option for your Antigua holidays. Customisability makes this cruise the best option to explore different places at your own pace during Antigua Holidays.

Museum of Antigua and Barbuda: The perfect place to acquaint yourself with the history of Antigua, before you proceed further in your Antigua holidays. In fact the knowledge will garnish your Antigua holidays with lots of fun and frills. You will know what places to visit during your Antigua holidays.

Fig Tree Drive: A scenic drive amidst the lined fig trees. It’s a must do during your Antigua holidays.

Oyster Shell Cruises: A casual boat tour with snorkelling facilities makes it a must do thing during your Antigua holidays.

Runaway Beach: A beautiful beach with provisions of hiring chair and umbrellas for a relaxed day during your holidays to Antigua.

Sea Wolf Diving School: The perfect place during your Antigua holidays to learn diving for novices or instructor level. A friendly and highly efficient staff makes this adventure activity a place to be revisited during Antigua holidays

Segway Beach Tours: An indefatigable tour on Segway, with all its motions, is an amazing way of exploring beaches and other areas during your Antigua holidays.

Long way: An exciting hotel to visit during your Antigua holidays for its proximity to the coral reef. Water is so shallow that one can walk to the reefs.

Shirley Heights: With plenty of historical places in the area, Antigua holidays are incomplete without a visit to this embankment once used for guns placements and military stay. The place offers breathtaking vistas of the English harbour besides serving delicious barbeques, wine, crisp strains of the local band and their reggae music.

Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour: It’s a tour that will push your adrenaline to a new limit. With Zip lines and other adventurous elements, this is a must visit for the adventurous kinds on their Antigua holidays.

Luxury Safari Antigua: One of the most friendly, reliable and affordable tour for your Antigua holidays, the co-ordinators are very specific about your specifications and requirements.

St. Peter's Church: Antigua holidays have enough of architectural beauty to enthral you. This church epitomises the architectural wealth. Scenic, mesmerising and traditional.

Hermitage Bay: Beautiful bay side with a warm and friendly staff make this place a pleasant experience during your Antigua holidays.

Sea view farm village: The tradition of pottery has lived as long as Antigua itself. Initially done by the slaves brought in for sugar plantation, the Sea view farm village is a famous spot in Antigua Holidays for discerning tourists interested in folk pottery.

Harmony Hall Art gallery: Don’t forget to visit this gallery during your Antigua holidays if you like handicraft and local art. It exhibits changes around the year however the major attraction is the annual Antigua Artist’s Exhibition and the Craft fair in November. The place complements the other wise hustling Antigua holidays with its traditional elements at display.

Carnival: Usually held between July and August, this eleven day festival covers various events including beauty pageant, music competition et al. A must experience event during your Antigua holidays if you are there at the right time.

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