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Antigua Holidays

Antigua has been home to a diverse population. There have been Arawaks, Caribs, English, French and the African slaves. The world Antigua means ‘Ancient’, the land was first inhabited by Siboney or Stone people. After Christopher Codrington discovered the island, he introduced sugar cane plantation.

Being located at a very strategic place, Antigua was used as military base in the Eighteenth century as well. Antigua holidays will show enough examples of architecture and handicraft and will take you to the bygone era. Holidays to Antigua are full with activities.

The majority of the people practice Christianity besides Anglicanism and Bahaism.

Holidays to Antigua will show you the land of expansive pristine beaches, myriad attractions, a prominent coral reef, vestiges of the colonial architecture, bird sanctuary and soothing atmosphere. Antigua, pronounced Antee’ga, is a popular island with a captivating blend of serene seclusion and invigorating activities. Lying just north of Barbados and Saint Lucia and east of Cuba, and the largest English speaking leeward island, Antigua has a varied topography ranging from deep scuba diving reef vicinities to 1319 ft high Boggy peak. Antigua holidays will offer all the thrills and frills that one desires on a vacation. Antigua Holidays are the perfect rejuvenating vacations with all the Antigua’s natural splendour and beaches on display.

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St. James Club
Siboney Beach Club
Jolly Beach Resort
Located on beautiful Antigua in the glorious Eastern Caribbean, the Jolly Beach Resort beckons you to discover the natural beauty and culture of this wondrous land with an exciting All-Inclusive stay in its scenic environs. It is set within 40 acres ...
Galley Bay
Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa
Situated on overwhelming Dickenson Bay, the island's pre-eminent and most famous beach, this romantic retreat offers the charisma of an old-fashioned Caribbean village accompanied by the superior opulence of a top-notch all-inclusive resort. The resort is an accredited World's Leading ...