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Amsterdam Getting there and around

Amsterdam is a well connected city with great options that are also affordable.

All public transportation (buses, metro and trams) runs from 6:00am to 12:30am daily and offers viable options on holidays to Amsterdam.

The Metro and Trams –

The Metro comprises of four lines. The fourth line runs between Isolatorweg to Gein while the other three terminate at Centraal. The Amsterdam metro serves suburbs to the west and south of the city.

Trams are especially efficient at traversing the city’s several waterways and winding streets. Rides are an entertaining affair for visitors on their holidays to Amsterdam as pedestrians move away from tracks to the clanging of tram bells!

Buses and Taxis -

Buses in the city ply on several routes also covered by Trams and beyond. Night buses run after all other public transport shuts down at 12:30am and provide services till 7:00am.

Taxis in the city are generally speaking an expensive way to get around on holidays to Amsterdam. Identified by their blue license plates, it’s advisable to only hail licensed taxis. There’s a base charge and a per km rate, all subject to change. People on holidays to Amsterdam can call taxi ranks at 6777 777 or 0900 0724. A trip to Amsterdam’s center may cost in excess of € 40 from Schiphol Airport 14 miles away.

Bikes – The most eco-friendly and inexpensive way to visit the city’s attractions on Amsterdam holidays, bikes are a part of the city’s traffic flow and a fun way to explore the city for the whole family. Amsterdam can be justly proud of the fact that it’s one of the world’s most bike friendly cities, and they are a very popular means of travelling here. Biking trips around the city are a real pleasure with smooth flow on dedicated bike paths as you visit museums and markets or hunt for a cheap hotel to stay in on your holidays to Amsterdam. Bike rental shops include MacBike and Frederic Rent-A-Bike and others who offer same day rentals, three-day rentals and other options. It’s worth locking up your bike however, since theft is common.

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