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Amsterdam Etiquette and Tips

Amsterdam is a safe city to visit but general safety rules that apply anywhere else are also applicable here. It’s never a good practice to carry large sums of money, and it’s also good common sense to avoid dark and secluded corners at nights on Amsterdam holidays. Pickpockets are known to frequent the city’s trams, buses and Metro trains as also the stations, so you might want to wear a money belt. It’s hardly a violent place and there’s no need to worry on holidays to Amsterdam.

Tips, laws and etiquette on your holidays to Amsterdam -

The city is certainly more liberal towards use and possession of Cannabis and Licensed sellers of Cannabis and its derivates are referred to as “Coffeeshops” in the city. Not to be confused with Koffiehuis that sell coffee and light snacks, or Cafés that are casual restaurants and bars.

Gratuity – A service charge is usually included in the bill and is comparable to a tip. This applies to drinks, taxis, haircuts and food as well. Though tips are always appreciated, it’s really optional to do so and not a bad practice to tip around 5% on your Amsterdam holidays. As everywhere else, guests leave extra change if pleased with the quality of service provided though many locals typically round up their bills.

Tap water is perfectly drinkable in Amsterdam.

If you plan to eat at a restaurant on your holidays to Amsterdam, make sure you reserve a table in advance.

By law, public buildings in the city are smoke free spaces and may include your hotel on Amsterdam holidays.

Cannabis and other “soft” drugs may only be purchased for personal use, e.g. (2-3 gm), larger amounts are considered illegal.

It’s also worth advising your bank in the U.K. that you may withdraw money from ATMs on holidays to Amsterdam.

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