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Alvor Holidays

Alvor is an ancient coastal village in Portugal and was an important port during the Roman times. Owing to its history, Alvor holidays have become a popular choice for tourists from around the world.

The small ancient village mingles well with modern times and preserves a good part of the old fishing town, making Alvor holidays a unique experience of its kind. The coastal village enjoys a beautiful location wherein it faces a natural lagoon. This lagoon further opens into the sea. The sandy beach at Alvor has a picturesque beauty to it and offers a number of activities to the tourist. The warm weather at the coastal village further adds to the popularity of Alvor holidays and attracts tourists all round the year.

Historical Alvor

Historically, Alvor was known as Ispet by the Romans and was one of the main ports in Portugal. In 716 AD, it was occupied by the Moors who named the city as Albur. It changed hands between Portuguese and the Moors and was later conquered by the Christians in the 1250s.  A major part of the historical town was destroyed in the earthquakes in 1532 and 1755 respectively. The ruins of the Roman Villa and the Parish church give a glimpse into the rich history of Alvor and allow one to understand the importance of the village.

The beautiful Parish Church from the 16th century was damaged in the earthquake in 1755 and was rebuilt subsequently. It gives the tourists an insight into the Manueline era craftsmanship and is therefore a very popular Alvor holiday spot. In fact, the church is a must visit during Alvor holidays.

Apart from the historical places, Alvor in Algarve region is also popular for its beaches and for the relaxed vacation that it offers to the tourists. During holidays in Alvor, one can delve into water sports or enjoy other interesting activities that are held at the beautiful ancient village.

General Etiquette in Alvor

People residing at the picturesque village are very polite and they expect the same in return from Alvor holiday goers.  Rude tourists are not welcomed warmly at Alvor and at the same time, Spanish language is also not preferred by the natives. Most of the natives understand English and French and consequently these languages can be used for communication purposes during your holiday in Alvor.

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