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Alonissos Attractions and Activities

Things to Do

There are many beautiful sights to see and interesting things to do on your Alonissos beach holidays. You can relax on the shimmering white beaches which are plenty all over the island. You can visit Vrysitsa or Khryssi Milia which is a popular tourist beach. If you wish to avoid crowds then you can head to Ayios Dhimitrios which is a secluded beach. You could take a Zip Holidays Alonissos holiday package to fully enjoy all the wonders of the island.

If you are interested in nature then this is a wonderland for you. There are beautiful green forests, with many varieties of plants and animals. The Marine Park has the endangered Monk Seal among other species. The beaches are white and the water is clear and blue. You can go swimming and snorkelling on many of the beaches there. You can partake in scuba diving in the lovely clear water where you can explore ancient shipwrecks and even a sunken city.  

Another way to enjoy your cheap Greek holidays is to take a sailboat and sail to the neighbouring islands, many of which are completely uninhabited. You will be able to experience nature at its untouched best. The best part about sailing to these islands is that you get to see many playful dolphins swimming alongside your boat. It’s a wonderful sight to behold. Shopping is another good way to pass your time there as you can pick up many souvenirs.

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