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Algajola Holidays

Algajola is a commune located on the Corsican island. Algajola is part of the Haute-Corse department of France. Algajola is a fishing village and has some of the best beaches in Corsica. Algajola is part of the picturesque Corsican Balagne region. Very charming and influencing, the small fishing harbour in Algajola is still working giving Algajola a vibrancy which is unique for a village of so small a size. In spite of the busy fishing harbour, Algajola would appeal to tourists who want to take it easy amidst beauty.

Charming Algajola

Algajola in the Balagne region has a medieval centre which houses a citadel on the peninsula. The atmosphere is that of calmness and serenity. An ancient charm percolates the beauty and sights in Algajola. Algajola is a relatively quiet resort but nevertheless very aesthetically appealing. Algajola boasts of a modest night life and good bars and restaurants where a drink and meal can be enjoyed in peace. The music festival in summer here in Algajola coincides with the tourist season making this time of the year the most crowded and busiest in Algajola. Early spring and late autumn also caters to winter tourists who enjoy Algajola and its tranquillity at this time of the year.

General Etiquette in Algajola

Knowledge of French would certainly help while traveling in Algajola. It is always better to begin a conversation in French even if tourists do not know the language well. All people here may not be proficient in English and it would be polite to enquire if they speak the language prior to beginning the conversation. The French are very frank and casual in their queries and sometimes can get personal. Tourists should keep this in mind and not be offended since personal queries just indicate interest and is not interference. Tipping waiters and assistants in the wash room is a common French etiquette and tourists too can practice it.

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