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Albufeira Holidays

Albufeira holidays feature a small city in Portugal popular among tourists as one of the prime beach resorts in Algarve. The city maintains old world charm and mixes it well with modern day facilities and activities. Albufeira holidays have something on offer for everyone. The picturesque beauty one can enjoy during holidays in Albufeira along with the beautiful weather make Albufeira perfect travel destination for anyone.

Albufeira holidays offer water sports like water skiing, scuba diving, surfing, etc for vacationers. This is what makes the old city popular with travellers and adventure lovers. There are a lot of things one can do while being on holidays in Albufeira.

Historical Albufeira

If history interests you then Albufeira holidays are where you should head to. Albufeira is considered to be the capital of tourism in Portugal and also boasts of a rich historical past. In the past, the city was more like a small village occupied by the Romans and was called “Baltum”. One can still see the roads and bridges which were constructed by the Romans. The old city retains some of the features wherein one can see the traditional steep alleyways, winding cobbled streets, ancient castles and terracotta houses.

In fact, Albufeira was once a fishing town with a thriving seaport and a beautiful castle. An earthquake in 1755 destroyed a major part of castle but the old town survived and is now maintained carefully. The old city was destroyed time and again by natural disasters and war. Since the 1960s, however, it managed to attract a number of tourists and has now become a popular tourist hub for anyone interested in Algarve holidays. The beautiful beaches and the rich history of Albufeira continue to attract people from across the world.

General Etiquette in Albufeira

Politeness is considered to be very important in Portugal and you would often find that words like “thank you” and “please” are commonly used by the natives. Most of the residents at Albufeira understand English and French, so communication is not a problem. Spanish language is not preferred by the locals and therefore it should be avoided. Rudeness or impoliteness is not taken easily here.

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