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Alanya Holidays

Alanya is a popular tourist spot located on the southern coast of Turkey. The silky Mediterranean beaches, buzzing restaurants that serve great food, and rocking nightclubs make Alanya holidays simply exhilarating.

Since Alanya is a great tourist attraction for Europeans, practically nobody has an issue accepting Euros. But to be on the safer side, always ensure that you draw money in Lira as well as Euro from the ATM. Be wary of shopkeepers at Alanya for many of them sell fake brands in garments, sunglasses, Turkish crockery, wallets, bags, water pipes, watches and many such items. It is often not a bad idea to bargain – try your skills to the fullest for the shopkeepers expect it and are fully prepared for the same (no haggling for alcohol or grocery items though). The two bays and two main beaches of Alanya are great for having fun with family and friends. Sunbathing and swimming are two basic beach activities in Alanya holidays.

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