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Ajaccio Holidays

Ajaccio is a French commune and capital of Corsica. Ajaccio is famous for being the birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest conquerors of history. Ajaccio is located on the west coast of Corsica and even though it is a region of the French administration, Ajaccio is geographically closer to the Italian mainland. The history of Ajaccio gives impression of aggressiveness due to invaders and dramas one following the other, but ironically, the city of Ajaccio is not aggressively tempered. Ajaccio has a pleasant presence and seduces the visitor rather than dominate him with a nonchalance which is intriguing as well as enticing.

Enticing And Serene Ajaccio

Ajaccio is the cosmopolitan capital of Corsica with glittering harbour, fashionable restaurants, imperial sights and designer boutiques. Ajaccio pays homage to its greatest son by way of street names, stellar museums and several statues. Another very romantic idea giving Ajaccio the aura of having witnessed history is the attractive idea of Ajax, the Trojan War hero having stopped here once. The name Ajaccio is derived from the Roman – Adjaccium meaning 'a place of rest'. In ancient times Ajaccio was the stop off rest point for shepherds who descend the mountains. Ajaccio was catapulted to international fame by Napoleon.

Ajaccio nestles at the foot of hills on the northern shore of Gulf of Ajaccio. The Ajaccio harbour is located to the east of original citadelle foundation site. The current modern Ajaccio city encloses almost the entire harbour and the suburban areas extend a few miles along Valley of Gravona River. The old town in Ajaccio is captivating in its ancient glory and beauty and consists of cluster of old streets that spread to north and south of place Foch. Ajaccio is a tourist haven due to its calming effect and consistent warm climate all through the year.

General Etiquette in Ajaccio

Official language of Ajaccio is French hence increasing French vocabulary prior to travel would be a good idea. Tipping is practiced for service at bars and restaurants. A good service can be tipped up to 10% but tipping is optional and not mandatory, nevertheless is reflection of good society.

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