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Aguadulce Holidays

Aguadulce holidays offer the much needed serenity and disconnect from the world. Sit quietly to fish or take those quiet long walks, Aguadulce, due to the virtue of its location, lets you unwind and rejuvenate at the pace you decide. Holidays in Aguadulce offer options to jive in the many festivals and learn the Spanish culture, simply laze around in the day time or party at the night. Aguadulce is a holiday destination for those who want tranquillity and don’t want to compromise on the entertainment aspect of holidaying as well. Zip holidays lets you book these dream holidays at the comfort of few clicks.
Aguadulce is a lovely region located in Costa de Almeria in Spain and is about 11 kms from the town of Almeria. Aguadulce is a fishing village. Its name comes from “Agua”(water) and “dulce” (sweet). Legend has it that when the Spanish settlers landed on this place and drank the sweet water, they shouted Vamos a Agua Dulce” and that’s how the place finally got its name.

Aguadulce is a vibrant place full of merry making options and festivities. Aguadulce comes under the municipality of town of Rouqetas de Mar. Holidaying here is fun as there is not much local population and the place is frequented by tourists from all over the world. Holidays in Aguadulce are also famous for their sporting options. This wonderful region lures many tourists because of its great energy and effervescence. Aguadulce is also known for the great nightlife and is one of the most paramount holiday destinations on the Andalusian coast.

General Etiquette

Tipping is not necessary in small eateries but the typical tip around theses areas is 10% of the full amount paid. Avoid shouting or talking loudly as such behaviour is not approved by the locals and can mar your Aguadulce holidays. Try to learn a few Spanish words to talk to locals. Carry bouquets when you go to meet the locals during Aguadulce holidays. While in a restaurant, try using the cutleries rather than the hands.

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