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Agadir Holidays

Agadir holidays are much admired as they offer relaxation at a well-known seaside resort in southwest Morocco in the region of Souss Massa Draa. In Berber language, spoken in Morocco, Agadir means wall, which encloses a town, fortress. Holidays to Agadir make you visit a 10-kilometre long beach and a marina that receives numerous guests throughout the year. Agadir holidays are considered as one of the much wanted vacation as it offers the most stunning panorama of the bay, bustling port and most of all its authentic Moroccan soul. Interestingly, Agadir is the first sardine port in the world and is on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean with the Souss River flowing across into the ocean and the Atlas Mountains provide a pretty hem. In medieval times, Agadir el Arba was just a fishing village but now it is popular for its tourism, seafood and agriculture.

Agadir holidays exude an old world charm. With excellent water sport activities, sightseeing and nightlife, Agadir holidays offer the best of entertainment. Experiencing a true Moroccan hip life, visitors can bask here in the winter sun, hike and explore the magnanimous Atlas Mountains or surf at Taghazout, which are just a few minutes away.  Also within spitting distance are resplendent waterfalls, canyons, pretty little villages in the valley which are isolated and are a treasure to see and palm groves that will leave you enthralled. The most famous attractios during holidays to Agadir are the city’s museums, gardens, shopping avenues and the most precious of all, the 10 kilometers long beach where you can spend all your holiday just relaxing and dining at the seafront. 

General Etiquette in Agadir

In Morocco, there is no thumb rule that tipping is compulsory. Tourists may still leave up to 10% of the total bill as a tip amount at eating joints during holidays in Agadir. In taxis, you can round off the amount. Hotel staff that helps you with your baggage can receive a tip of 10 dirham or so. Since Morocco is a Muslim country, do dress appropriately and too much intimacy in public is a no-no during holidays in Agadir.

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