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Africa Holidays

Africa holidays are an opportunity to visit the ‘Dark Continent’. Africa is a land of mesmerizing beauty, pristine beaches, serene surroundings, majestic coastline, abundant wildlife, scrumptious delicacies, and what not. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on the north, Atlantic Ocean on the west, Indian Ocean in the east and Antarctic Ocean in the south, Africa holidays take you a world of diversities. Popularly known as the Cradle of civilization, Africa is home to the second largest population in the world. Its wide ethnic and cultural diversity makes Africa holidays the most desired holidays for explorers. Hosting a diverse climate, Africa promises ample opportunities for entertainment and fun, thanks to which it has now become a popular tourist destination.

Africa holidays are ideal for experiencing the melting pot of races. Africa is a blessed land for its widely popular beaches and nightlife, abundant wildlife and jungle safaris, copious vegetation and great exploration drives, scenic hills and mountaineering, sparkling waters and water sports in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic Oceans. Numerous tribes call it home with their rich history and culture. If you haven't been on a holiday to Africa, you might want to consider this as your next holiday destination.

Be it South Africa in the extreme south, Kenya on the equator, Egypt in the north, Morocco in the northwest or Tanzania in the center, every leg of your holiday in Africa promises plenty of thrill and entertainment. Being so rich in deep jungles and savannah, holidays to Africa are ideal for wildlife and nature lovers. If you are an adventure sports lover, you won’t be disappointed either. There is plenty of excitement in store for you on the picturesque African beaches and the wide expanse of ocean. History lovers find immense pleasure in exploring the rich history and culture of this blessed land. And if you think you fit in the category of anthologists, you are up for a very good time during you Africa holiday, with a wide variety of human races, tribes and cultures to explore.

General Etiquette

Somebody, especially a tourist, lacking knowledge about African cultures, customs, expectations may be considered rude. Questioning somebody's ethnic identity is also something you have to be a bit careful with. It is polite to tip 10-15% in restaurants or bars, but before that, it is better to check the bill, as sometimes restaurants include the same amount in bills. Petrol station attendants, car guards or parking attendants are usually tipped a few rand, usually R2 - R5. Tour guides and coach drivers are tipped after the end of the journey. It is customary to tip R3.00 per bag to the porter in hotels. However, at some places, the hotels itself might charge the amount in the bill as service charge.

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